Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Yoga Basics 5:15pm Wednesday

10 peeps

Supine Baddha Konasana over a Bolster
Breath Awareness to Heart Center, Manipura, Lower Belly

Roll up to Sitting
Easy Cross Legged Seat
Sacrum Play
Forward Fold
Side Bend
Switch Legs and Repeat Other Side

Standing Forward Fold
Roll up to Standing

Ujayyi Breath
1/4 Salutes

2 Rounds Lunge Salutes with Hamstring Stretch (and Hamstring Lesson)

(The group suddenly felt totally exhausted and pooped. So we went back to the earth).

Sun to Dog
Lower to Belly

Sphinx Pose with Neck Work x 2
Locust x 2

Rocket Cat
Childs Pose

Transition onto Backs
Eye of Needle Play
Happy Baby Play

Bridge Pose x 2

Transition to Sitting
Baddha Konasana Play
Marichyasana 3 Play
Paschimottanasna Play




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