Monday, March 9, 2009

1:1 Monday

Main Point: Continue to Open Feet and Awareness to the Subtle Energies. Share some of work in Patricia's workshop about the belly. Client loves standing poses and on Friday we had not stood up at all so emphasized that today. Client said, "yoga never gets boring, does it."

Brahmari Mantra
Hamstring Stretching
Ankle Attention and Opening
Seated Foot Work with Strap Around Big Toes
Strap around ankles and Block between Thighs to get "leg Lines"

Transition to Standing
Ankle Strap and Block Work in Tadasana

Belly Awareness

Standing Poses and Awareness in Tailbone Belly Region to Twist
Triangle x 2
Twisting Triangle
Warrior 2
Side Angle Pose

Transition to Earth

Seated Spinal Twist
Supine Virasana Work
Bridge Pose x 2


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