Friday, March 13, 2009

Post Wallop Therapy Session Practice

I had a wallop of a therapy session yesterday. Everything hurt and I could barely drive. I went straight to Lulu's and did this:

Legs up Wall
5 minutes

Supported Bridge on Two Bolsters
Legs Bound All the way to Ankles
Blanket scrunched Up under neck
Sandbag on Heart
20 Minutes

Supported Spinal Twist
Bolster Under Hips
Blanket Between Legs
Blanket on Earth where Legs Land
5 minutes each Side
(Wept through this entire posture)

Forward Fold with Head on Chair, eventually on Bolster and Blanket
10 Minutes

Supported Bridge
Blanket under shoulders
2 Blocks under Sacrum
I started with one brick, then moved to two.
I worked this one more actively at one point which felt good.
Even might have pushed it a bit.

Shoulder Stand on a Chair
Using a bolster and blanket under my shoulders and neck
2 Blankets under the Chair
Mat on the Chair for cushioning
Legs Bound
10 minutes

After releasing from the shoulder stand chair contraption, you end up with upper back on earth, hips on the bolster and blanket sculpture and legs on the seat of the chair.
5 minutes

Then I went up to Meditation Mount and layed in the grass on the new field.

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