Saturday, March 7, 2009

Patricia Workshop: Day 2

Pranayama at 7:00am
We chanted the Cucumber Mantra
Sat in Upavishta Konasana and side Bended
Layed down in Supine Baddha Konasana with Support

Began to bring our attention to our breath.
Patricia Directed us to Pour our breath down into the sacrum belly and allow it to fill.

Eventually she directed us on the exhale, suggesting that we empty from the belly first, allowing the chest to stay open until the end.

We pretty much did this the whole time, sitting up at the end.

Workshop from 2 to 5

I do not think we did anything that we have not done before with Patricia today.
- We reviewed the toes and feet work from last night.
- We played with polishing the halo and other shoulder joint lubrication
(Patricia said that joints like flowing movements. The flowing movements lubricate them. This sparked the insight that possibly joint problems are indicative of not being in the flow.)
- We played with the strap and block work in navasana, locust and other poses

Roll up to Tadasana
Played with Balance on toes and the like.

We played with Yin/Yang and Side Bending
Serpentine Snake POse
This was new and totally fun. And hard. Moving more like a snake. Letting the head lead. I loved this. Totally got into the core muscles and nooks and crannies of the spine.

Eventually we played with Horse or Yoni Pose and the Pelvis.
We played with extending the arms and really feeling the chi. By keep the elbows in line with teh shoulders, it is so much more potent. like wowzers.

We used these arms in Warrior 2 back and forth.

eventually we ended up on all fours.
playing with the actions of squeezing the thighs in on cat tuck and pressing the hips wide on dog tilt.

played with this in horse too.

Eventually Bridge Pose Play.

There was some suggestion of Camel Pose. But no one but craig did it.



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