Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tucker's Help of Ojai Class

13 Peeps

Tucker's sequencing was so cool today. Her peak pose was Warrior 1 and she got all the spots met on her way there.

Supine over a bolster
Easy Windsheild Wipers

Transition to Backs Flat
Reaching stretching

Supine over a block
(to get that upper back to happen)

Remove Block

Pelvis Tilting and Tipping
Bridge Pose x 2
Bridge Pose with block under Sacrum -- Extending the legs Straight
Bridge Pose Lift

Windshield Wiper

Transition to Standing

Wall Crawling and Reaching Stretch

Lunges on Chair (knee on brick, sitting on chair)

Warrior 1 (with attention to the spot behind the back)

Legs on Chair for Savasana

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Jim Churchill said...

I like to go to Tucker because (a) she's a really observant teacher (b) she's really good at putting herself in the student's (shoes? pose?) and (c) she's very intelligent in her comments and suggestions to any given student. One of the really good teachers.