Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Getting Feedback

this comment came in via the website today:

re: video by Kira Ryder - she lost me at 2
nd direction. Please remind her that the subconscious mind takes things literally and especially when practicing yoga, being in an altered state = to joke about opening the legs/hips as .. picture it like carving or slicing off a turkey leg... ??? WHAT????!!! in a regular situation it may be funny but really... the come back may be, get a sense of humor, but again.. please honor the body/mind and as a teacher, please, please honor the responsibility of your position. does she REALLY want people to envision..... severing a limb? interesting thought to plant isn't it? be well, namaste....

she had watched the free class on nov 24.  it's true.  i made a reference to eating turkey since it was thanksgiving.  i was grateful that she pointed out that i said that.  and i picked a new class to put up.

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