Sunday, March 8, 2009

Patricia Workshop: Day 3

7:00am to 8:00am
The studio was cold so we sat in meditation instead of lying back for pranayama.
This was awesome.
Patricia says almost nothing and holds the space so well.
I could have sat forever.

We did one supportive opener to open the diaphragm. This almost killed me. The block was long and across my diaphragm. Too potent for me. Turns out everyone else had wisely chosen the bolster option.

Sit again.

2:00 to 5:00
The energy was 180 from yesterday. Everyone was so alive and boisterous. Almost ridiculously so.

Listed to the chanting of the cucumber mantra.
Chanting the cucumber mantra.

Hip Sling
Lie on your belly with one leg bent and on a blanket. Use blanket to help leg slide up and down. We did this last year and either it is too subtle or my hips do not need this, cuz it does nothing for me. Until Betsy started rolling her foot over and I copied her....that opened under the IT band in a cool new way

Slouchy Virasana
An easy eternally adaptable way to stretch the quad.
Lie down on your side and catch a hold of your ankle, stretching the quad behind you.
Then, slowly you can roll towards your back but find spots a long the way.
Very fun and allows all levels to find a stretch.

Hand to Big Toe Pose Twisting

Eventually she got to the sacrum belly work

Triangle was the opening pose, playing with rolling the belly up and turning from the root.
From there we riffed with it with a bunch of different standing poses like W2, Twisting Triangle, half Moon...lots of individual and personal room to explore. Fun. Same stuff as last year but in a moment as oppose to an entire workshop around it. Seemed like peeps got it more easily? Not sure what made it seem to click more for peeps.

We took the concept to sitting.
Janu Sirsasana
Revolving Janu Sirsasana

I was hoping that we were moving towards shoulder stand.
But we ended up moving towards supported mummified bridge.
I helped Patricia Wrap peeps up.

Then i sat down against the wall and cried.
The support of the wall touched my heart just right and allowed me to weep.
Inside I could feel "Hold Me" and as the studio held me I could feel the longing to be held as well as the pain on not feeling held.
When Patricia was closing, she spoke of the studio as a refuge and I cried even more.

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