Friday, December 11, 2009

Jam Session 1, Friday Night

6 Peeps
We gathered from 5 to 8.

I produced a small manual mostly full of what is compelling for me right now. I am trying to learn the engineering of emotion. The biochemistry of it. And how we can work with that with yoga. Of course yoga already works its magic with out understanding any of the science, but I always like chemistry and biology. So the manual is mostly about that, with a wink towards mula bandha.

We opened with a long yin yoga practice with emphasis on staying present in the rest and the movement of breath in the nostrils.

Butterfly, 7 minutes
Sit, 2 minutes
Swan or Box, 5 minutes with 2 minute Rest in between sides
Uppavista Konasana or Frog, 5 minutes
Rest, 2 minutes
Transition to Belly
Sphinx or Seal, 6 minutes
Childs Pose
Lunge, 5 minutes each side with 2 minute rest in between
Saddle Pose, 7 minutes
Snail or Caterpillar, 5 minutes
Eagle Wrap Spinal Twist, 5 minutes each side with 2 minute rest in between

S0-Hum Meditation

Gather to Connect
Each peep shared around their teaching and practice. Awesome to hear such a range among 6.
Handed out the manual and assigned homework of answering some questions.

The main topics that were brought up are:
1. Touch and Adjustments
a) How to offer healing touch vs or along with postural assistance
b) How to resolve conflict of saying that a pose can be any which way and at the same time adjusting it
c) What are some road tested no fail adjustments for Down Dog and Triangle

2. Subtle Energetics
a) How to more effectively introduce and bring the subtle energetics into teaching, how to find the voice?
b) Can they start to be taught even if they are not fully baked in?

3. Demystification
a) What are the steps to allow someone new to teaching feel like they have the tool kit to start?

This all comes down to the practice of communication. How to clearly communicate the actual and the practical. How to allow subtle energetics to be felt, understood and experienced. I am totally looking forward to this weekend.

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dragonfly said...

So, I find myself asking (myself) 1b and 2b probably on a weekly basis - usually post-teaching and 2a usually during class planning (plan in the loosest sense of the word - more a gen review of what's working/interesting so that I can find the words when/if I need them) Anyhow - am insanely jealous of the support that you all seem to have over there for working with this kind of intuitive practice in a strong, steady way... wish I was there... maybe one day... until then waiting with bated breath for the next post - cuz there'll be answers right?:)