Monday, December 28, 2009

Yin Yoga and Meditation, Monday 7pm

12 Peeps

Again, more Crib peeps! Lori and Brad and Cory and Lisa. So sweet to see them again and not have to wait till October.

Butterfly, 6 minutes
Sit, 1 minute

Swan, Box or Eye of Needle at Wall, 5 minutes
Rest Upavistha Konasana with body upright and with attention to svadhisthana
Repeat Other Side
Rest again with attention to svadhisthana

Upavistha Konasana or Frog, 5 minutes
Attention to Svadhistana in posture, addition of the mantra VAM on Inhale, OM on exhale
Rest, 2 minutes

Lunge, 5 minutes
Rest Childs
Repeat Other Side
Rest Childs

Sphinx or Seal, 5 minutes
Attention on Svadhistana with VAM/OM Mantra if room inside
Rest, 2 minutes

Roll onto backs
Knees to Chest

Eagle Spinal Twist, Attention to Ajna and OM/OM mantra
4 minutes
Rest Savasana
Repeat and Rest Savasana

Transition to Sitting

Attention to Svadhisthana, Breath and eventually Mantra
about 6 minutes
releasing mantra and allowing awareness to float up to ajna
holding awareness at ajna, 4 minutes
eventually, if safe, releasing the focal point and allowing awareness to expand

(optional savasana or continue to sit)


Sarah said...

Do you have any inspirational thougths for shavasana? Special music or words, guided imaginary (which is not really new)....



Kira Ryder said...

hi sarah

how i assist the class into savasana depends on what we have been doing in class.

lately, because we have been focusing the mind with the chakras and the bijas, my suggestion is something like, "soften the brow, soften the eyes and allow the mind to open, the awareness to expand."

but sometimes there is a direction to the heart center.

sometimes a series of physical cues around softening the jaw and the floor of the pelvis.

i have not played music for many years.

what do you do??

Sarah said...

No, music... That's interesting. I always play music during shavasana. That's the most important part for me. I have just a couple of songs, which I consider appropriate for shavasana, and that's a problem. So after a while it repeats...
I have mostly physical cues to assist the class into shavasana and that's it. I have the feeling I need to come up with a couple of new things for shavasana...