Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Yin Yoga and Meditation, Wed 7pm

5 Peeps

Similar pattern as lately with focus on the Svadhisthana and Ajna. Play seemed to be to track the flow of prana after a pose to practice noticing the play of focusing and opening the awareness with the chakra meditation and mantra techniques.

Butterfly, 6 minutes
Sit, 2 minutes

Swan, Box or Shoelace, 5 minutes
Wide Angle Seat, 2 minutes, awareness to Svadhisthana
Repeat Hip Opener other Side
Wide Angle Seat, 2 minutes, awareness to Svadhisthana

Upavishta Konasana or Frog, 5 minutes

Lunge, 5 minutes
Childs Pose
Repeat Other Side

Sphinx or Seal, 5 minutes (Attention to Svadhisthana, VAM/OM Mantra)

Transition onto Backs
Eagle Spinal Twist (Attention to Ajna with OM/OM Mantra)
Repeat Twist Other Side

Transition to sitting

Attention to Svadhisthana
VAM/OM mantra

Relax mantra, allow awareness to grow like a vine to Ajna, holding attention here.
Eventually release focus and allow awareness to expand.

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