Sunday, December 27, 2009

SWG Sunday 10:00am

12 Peeps
2 Drop Ins

Crescent Moon seemed to be the peek. We worked the shoulders and the hamstrings. Theme was to create the intimacy with ease. This class was fun to teach. The last 4 classes before this felt flat and uncreative. While simple, I started to be able to say the latest curiosities for me more clearly. Sutra 2.46, sthira sukham asanam was the main teaching.

Impressing the Heart
Windsheild Wiper
Tailbone Awareness

Hamstring Stretch at Wall with Strap

Supine Extended Tadasana

Transition to Sitting

Easy Relaxed Side Waist Stretch
Side Bending "for real"
Forward Folding over Legs

Transition to Vajrasana on Bricks
Shoulder Rotation Awareness
50s Bust Enhancement Exercise
Arm Extension over Head

Even Cowgirls Get the Blues
Solo and With Partners

Down Dog
Roll up to Standing

Ujayii Pranayama

4 Rounds of Lunge Salutes with Dog
(2 Rounds with Full Crescent Moon)

Childs Pose
Transition onto Backs

Bridge Pose x 3 with emphasis on the exhale
Knees to Chest

Easy Spinal Twist


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