Monday, December 7, 2009

Yin Yoga and Meditation, Monday 7pm

6 Peeps
2 New Peeps

Easy Spinal Twisting
Mula Bandha Target Practice to establish the location
(for beginning purposes, we are tuning towards the lift of the perineum by drawing the sitbones, tailbone and pubis towards each other and up and in).


Pigeon or Box with Rest in between sides

Lunge with rest in between sides


Supine Spinal Twist
(awareness to ajna chakra here)

Knees to Chest

Roll up to Sitting

Muladhara to Ajna Chakra Technique

Step 1: Attention to Breath

Step 2: Find the clearest channel. Attention on back of the body, front of the body or center of the body. We did 5 rounds of inhaling up from tailbone to root of ajna, front pubis to flower of ajna and perineum location to center of ajna at the pituitary. In between each of these we rested and cleared. Usually one of these is the most obvious. The suggestion was to go with the clearest path.

Step 3: Inhale and draw up from muladhara engaging mulabandha up to ajna. Exhale relax mulabandha as awareness runs back to muladhara. After 5 rounds rest and clear.

Step 4: Adding a kumbhala, breath retention. We inhaled from muladhara, engaging mulabandha, towards the ajna, holding the breath there for a few beats. Jalandhara bandha naturally occurs. Then allowing exhale to bring awareness back to root chakra and relax muladhara. In between rounds the suggestion was to rest for a breath. We did 5 rounds.

Step 5: Continue to sit with awareness at ajna chakra.

Notes: This meditation can be a little buzzy if too much effort is applied with breath. The breath is the bridge and needs to be softened.

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