Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Yin Yoga and Meditation, Wed 7pm

4 Peeps

Butterfly, 6 minutes
Sit, 2 minutes

Swan, 6 minutes
Rest, 1 minute
Repeat Swan
Sit, 2 minutes

Lunge, 5 minutes
Childs Pose
Repeat Lunge
Childs Pose

Vajrasana Sit

Seal, 5 minutes
Rest on belly

Roll onto Backs
Eagle Spinal Twist, 4 minutes
Savasana, 2 minutes
Repeat Spinal Twist
Savasana, 2 minutes

Transition to Sitting

Breath Awareness
SoHum Mantra

After 8 minutes, release So HUM mantra and eventually allow attention on breath to loosen, allowing awareness to expand.

After 5 minutes, optional to lie down or continue sitting

5 more minutes


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