Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Yin Yoga and Meditation, Wed 7pm

Starting a New Class.
Tonight was first night.

The purpose is to cultivate a group of peeps that know how and like to sit through offering a yin yoga practice with introduction to pranayama and meditation techniques.

I am hoping that the class can have an open experimental feel so it is comfortable to play and learn together.

2 peeps

Butterfly, 5 minutes
Sit, 5 Minutes with attention to drawing breath down and allowing belly to expand
Swan, 5 Minutes each Side with childs pose in between
Lunge, 5 minutes each side with childs pose in between
Sphinx, 5 Minutes
Roll onto Backs
knees to Chest
Eagle Spinal Twist 5 Minutes each side with Savasana in between

Roll up to Caterpillar for 2 minutes

Get a Comfortable Seat
Breath Awareness
So Hum Meditation for about 10 minutes
Releasing the Technique and sit for 5 more minutes


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