Monday, December 21, 2009

Yin Yoga and Meditation, Monday 7pm

3 Peeps

I was glad to be practicing yin yoga on the night of the solstice with all women.

Butterfly, 6 minutes
Sit, 2 minutes

Swan or Box, 5 minutes
Sit, 3 minutes with attention to Sacral Chakra, Vam on Inhale, OM on Exhale
Repeat Swan or Box
Repeat Sit with Chakra Mantra

Uppavista Konasana or Frog
5 minutes

Transition to Belly
2 Rounds of Yang Locust, 1 minute each

Sphinx or Seal, 5 minutes. Attention and Mantra towards Sacral Chakra if not overwhelming.

Roll onto Backs, Knees to Chest

Eagle Spinal Twist, after 3 minutes, attention to Ajna Chakra, OM in Inhale and Exhale
5 minutes total
Rest, 2 minutes
Repeat Twist Other Side
Rest, 2 Minutes

Knees to Chest
Transition up to Sitting
(The times here are not scientific, rather they reflect what we did)

Attention to Breath
Attention to Sacral Chakra
Vam on Inhale, Om on Exhale
Hold attention here for 6 minutes.
Relax Mantra, relax effort on breath, keep holding attention here

With the open gentleness, move awareness up to Ajna
Offer OM mantra on Inhale and Exhale
3 minutes
Relax mantra and breath effort and allow mind to expand
Sit 3 more minutes with option for Savasana
7 more minutes.


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