Monday, March 31, 2008

1:1 Monday, March 31

My regular Monday Client.
She went to a strong vinyasa class and could not do some of the stuff so I allowed that to guide our session. Helping her see how she could modify and tweak. She really enjoys when we work more vigorously. She can handle it and believes that it is what is helping her lose weight.

Start Supine
Hip Rotation and Spinal Extension Work

Transition All Fours
Barrel Roles

(We use blocks under her hands so she can step through more easily).


Rest and Look at Side Plank (one of her ?s)
We looked at the bent knee on floor variation and this proved to be successful.

Standing Pose Sequence from Dog
Side Angle
Prasarita Padottanasana
Warrior 2 Dance

Play with Up Dog (tops of feet hurt, so we stayed on toes)
Rounding from Dog and From Plank, Chaturanga.
This was, as expected really tiring, but now she has a sense of how to approach it in a class.

Standing Poses on the Other side

Step forward

Her physical therapist told her that her balance was not "normal", as in not in the normal range. From what I have seen, she seems to be totally normal as she is showing such quick and fast improvement once she focuses. My understanding is that the shaking is from the nerves re patterning. But I could easily be wrong. Several of the medications she is on supposedly make balance difficult.

Toe Lifts
Little Tree
"The Dean Potter"

Transition to Floor

Navasana was a another ?

We approached it like this:
Pinup Pose
Table Top (this was incredibly difficult)
Navasana Stage 1 with knees bent and hands under knees. Draw chest up and allow toes to lift from floor, balancing. (She went right up and was delighted).
Rest and Rounding
Navasana Stage 2 with hands under knees, shins parallel to floor and then legs straight
Rest and Round
Navasana Stage 3, moving from bent knees to straight and then releasing hands. She nailed it.

Cross Legged Forward Fold
Repeat Other Side

Slumpy Swami Twist Both Sides
Hands in Belly Forward Fold
Revolving Head to Knee Pose

Upavishta Konasana

Bridge Pose
Upward Facing Bow Pose Play (Just to start to create the "memory" of moving towards it so it would not be new in a class).

Legs Wide Up Wall
Baddha Konasana Up Wall
(I pressed on her thighs to create more opening)

Supine BK Rack Stretch


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