Wednesday, March 26, 2008

1:1 Wednesday 10:30

Client: 61, female, working with a combination of depression, anxiety attacks and old holding patterns in her pelvic region and legs. Negative thought patterns have a strong grip on her.

Much of the session was around her sharing. She does not know how to hold her gaze with you as she speaks. The trick is to offer practices that will help with the depression without increasing the anxiety. She spoke of how much she loves coming to class, so I suggested she come every day. She can do an alternate of "yang" and "yin or restorative" almost every day which will address both her needs perfectly. But today's session was identifying a small sequence she could do at home.

While she spoke I did Thai Yoga Massage on her legs.

Uddiyana Bandha Work with Pumping
(She has a lot stored in her belly. This is going to be major.)

Chanting of OM.
a - u - m breakdown with 1/4 Sun salutes

Sun Salute Variation with Blocks

Slumpy Swami Twist
Hands and Fists in Belly Work.
Thoracic Spine Twist

Bridge Pose 2x

Low Back Release

Mantra Pracitce: To help turn the negative thought pattern around, I gave her a Mantra. So we practiced that for a few Rounds.


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