Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Help of Ojai, Wednesday 1:30

For the first time I arrived without a plan. Tucker came to observe. So I said a prayer asking for guidance and did my best to follow it. When I got the "green light" to share Uddiyana Bandha, I allowed the rest of the class to be familiar cuz it seemed like one super weird new thing was enough.

18 Peeps or So (but i did not count)

Start Supine with knees bent hands on lower belly.
Attention to the breath and the four parts.

Hip Rotation Awareness
Easy Hip Stretch

Transition onto All Fours
Cat/Cow Work
Back to All Fours and transition to standing

Get Chairs

Forward Fold on Chair

Down Dog on Chair

Uddiyana Bandha
This was super experimental. It is what I have been teaching in all my classes and was guided to share in this setting as well. Tucker pointed out that it could be problematic for high blood pressure and eye problems cuz of the increase in pressure. But most of the peeps seemed to get it! They experienced the "zing" and high of the effect which is super cool.)

1/4 Suns

Easy Hip Stretch in Chair

Balance Play
Little Tree

Seated Spinal Twist in Chair
Forward Fold in Chair

Savasnaa with Legs up Chair

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