Monday, March 31, 2008

Sweet Vinyasa Monday, 8:30am


15 Peeps
2 New Peeps

Quiet Group.
Was led to weave in some of the work we had done over the weekend. Focus ended up being the drawing awareness to the inate intelligence of the spine. I shared the idea of "prana" vs "Prana". I was uncertain that it registered but got encouraging feedback at the end.

Cold Studio.
Hammock Pose
Cowboy Negotiation Pose
Hammock Pose
Horse with Hands on Thighs
Prasarita Padottanasana

Roll up to Standing

Tibetan 3 Part Inhale, Exhale HAH Warm Up

Uddiyana Bandha Play with Kriya Work

Arm Channel Waking
Chest Pounding
Heart Prana Arm Extension Exercise

1/4 Suns

Sequence 1
Sun to
Twisting Lunge
Hammock Pose
Warrior 2 Dance
Low Lunge to Crescent Moon

Vinyasa 1
Down Dog
Rounded Plank
Down Dog
Rounded Plank
Rocket Cat

Transition 1
from Dog
Leg Lift
Abdominal Curls
Standing Splits
Pada Hastasana

Complete Sun to Standing

Repeat Sequence 1
Repeat Vinyasa 1
Repeat Transition 1

Sun to Dog

Mayurasana Prep and Play
Wrist Stretching
Creating Cleavage
Elbows in Guts
Legs Extending
Head Lifting
Rolling forward

Down Dog
Roll to Cobra
Land and Rest

Dhanurasana x 2

Rocket Cat

Roll up to Vajrasana

Slumpy Swami Spinal Twist with Fold Over Legs in between sides.
Revolving Head to Knee Variation
Upavishta Konasana or Baddha Konasana

Comfortable Seat for Ajna Chakra Meditation
Step 1: Get Comfortable
Step 2: Bring Awareness to Breath, eventually offer the Hum Sa Mantra
Step 3: Bring Awarenss to the Spine
Step 4: Begin to draw the prana up the spine on the Inhale and allow it to run back down on the exhale.
Step 5: Attention to the root of the Ajna Chakra at base of skull and Flower in between the Eyes.
Step 6: As ready, inhale and draw the prana up to the root of the Ajna Chakra. Hold breath and top head forward as the prana pools in the 3rd eye. Lift head and exhale, allowing prana to descend back down spine.

We sat with this for a while, then peeps morphed into Savasana.

Sit for a moment.


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