Saturday, March 29, 2008

Soft Vinyasa, Saturday 9:00am

24 Peeps
Such an extra special group today.
As I sat down to start class, prayed that I would be able to bring the teachings through in a way that would meet everyone. Cuz really I just wanted to hang out. Shared the latest discovery that I am losing my mind. Weaved in the Kleshas.

Baddha Konasana Shape
Massage inner arches and soles of feet
Thumb Press up 2 of the Sen Lines

Yin Baddha Konasana 5 minutes
Reverse Chest Press

Cowoy Negotiation Pose
Wide Legged Uttanasna
Roll up to Standing

Uddiyana Bandha Play
(retention, navel lock, kirya with pumping)

Awaken Arm Channels
Chest Pounding
Prana Arm Extension Exercise

1/4 Suns

Sequence 1
Sun to Twisting Lunge
Prasarita Padottanasana with Arm Extenstion (Hammock Pose)
Warrior 2 Dance
Low Lunge
Hamstring Stretch

Vinaysa 1
Down Dog
Rounded Plank
Down Dog
Rounded Plank to Cobra
Windsheild Wiper
Rocket Cat

Transition 1
From Dog
Leg Up
Abdominal Curls (Knee to Forehead)
Standing Splits
Malasana with feet together knees wide
Pada Hastasana

Complete Sun to Standing

Repeat Sequence 1
Repeat Vinyasa 1 (with Up Dog Option)
Repeat Transition 1

Stand Samasthithi

Sun to Dog
Childs Pose

Mayurasana Play
Breaking it down into Stages of play and work

Rounded Plank

Dhanurasana x 2
(emphasizing the legs going first)

Rocket Cat

Slumpy Swami Twist with Kali Breath
Upavistha Konasana for a beat or two
Revolving Head to Knee Variation with Knee Bent Up
Sukhasana Forward Fold both sides
Belly Dig In Forward Fold
(getting the hands in the belly and tugging and pulling and softening)

Counter to all the Belly work
Transition on to Backs
Windshield Wiper
Bridge Pose
Easy Spinal Twist


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