Sunday, March 23, 2008

Stiff White Guys, Saturday 10:45am

14 peeps
1 New

Standing Forward Fold
Breakdown and use of OM to lengthen breath
Chanting of A, U, M individually and then three OMs

Sun Salute Shapes @ Wall
Right Angle
Wall Lunge
Right Angle with Leg Lift
(Repeat other side)

Lunge Salutes with Blocks
Similar to what we did the previous week, breaking the salute down.
Everyone that had been in class the previous week was there and they really had it down.
Its Spring and no one seems to mind working a little harder.

1/4 Suns

Sun Round to Stepping Back and Forward from Lunge
Sun Round to Stepping Back into Lunge to Dog to Lunge and Back to Standing
Sun Round to Lunge, Dog, Plank, Girlie Push ups, Sphinx, Rocket Cat, Plank, Dog, Lunge, Standing (Both Sides)

Note:The Blocks make it SO MUCH easier for peeps to step forward and back.

Balance Play
Little Tree

Forward Fold
Transition onto Backs

Windshield Wiper
Eye of the Needle
Supta Padangushtasana

Easy Spinal Twist


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