Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Just Sit There, Wednesday 7pm

3 Peeps

Tonight we held the first 'Just Sit There'.  Uschi, Lisa and Katherine came.  We cued regions of the spine, opened the hips a little and then just sat there.  Awesome.

I am interested in learning how to hold the space for sitting as well as cultivating a group that likes to sit together.  At the end we shared which I seemed like fun and confirmed the newness of it.

Heart Opener on 2 Bricks. See Yoga Video.
Pelvis Rocking. See Yoga Video.
Windshield Wiper
The Shimmy. See Yoga Video.

Easy Sukhasana with Pelvis Awareness, Spinal Cues and a Foreword Fold 
(Switch Legs and Repeat)

We settled in and sat for 25 minutes.


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