Saturday, June 27, 2009

Stiff White Guys Saturday @ 10:45am

5 peeps

Took advantage of the intimate group to play with some difficult things that we rarely do. With a focus on lengthening the body, we played towards balance postures, then countered with bow pose.

Heart Openers on 2 Blocks. See Online Yoga Video.
Lengthening the Spine. See online Yoga Video.

Hamstring Stretching with a Strap. Using Tailbone to help create length.

Transition to All Fours
Down Dog

Down Dog
Lunge other Side

Roll up to Standing

Shoulder Openers with Strap. See online yoga Video.
Extended Tadasana

Right Angle Pose with Leg Lifts at the Wall.
Using the window sills, a variation of Extended Hand to Big Toe Pose with one Leg Lifted and Arms Extended.

Same Pose with Backs to Wall and Leg into Middle of the Room.

Same Pose with Knee Bent in Middle of the Room

Dog Pose
Child's Pose

Sphinx and Cobra with Bolster

Lying Buddha Pose with Thigh Stretching Both Sides
Dhanurasana with Bolster and Belt Support
Childs Pose

Eye of the Needle with Bolster under Hips
Spinal Twist with Bolster Under the Hips


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