Sunday, June 21, 2009

Teaching Yoga, Summer 2009. Day 11.

Today was our last day.

I arrived not exactly sure what we were going to do.
There are so many different ways to finish.
I used some of the "requests" put out at the beginning of the 10 days to create the last practice.

We began with a practice:
Calf Torture. See online yoga video.
Arch Torture and Toe Torture. See online yoga video.

Moved Wide Leg Baddha Konasana to massage the Sen Channels of the Feet and Legs.
Side Saddling to get outer lines of legs.

Tuning to the Flow of prana in the legs from the touch.

Yin style BK.
Yin style Lunging

Swan with Strap to Create an easy lift for the Back Leg (aka Pigeon Purse)
Cobra with Bolster under Hips
Propped Bow Pose with "winter coat" strap and bolster
Play with strap on foot in 1/2 bow to open shoulders
2 Bricked Bridge to Open Thighs. See online yoga Video.

Looked at Shoulder Stand and Viparitta Karni and Plow and Fish Pose
(To undersand the requirements of the shoulders and neck and and to understand why i no longer teach shoulder stand in class.)

Thai Yoga Massage Partner Play

Gathered to play Round Robin Teaching. Everyone's Voice came through so much clearer today. So beautiful.

And Graduation.
I was overwhelmed with emotion and had very little to say.

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