Friday, June 12, 2009

Teaching Yoga, Summer 2009. Day 2

Today we gathered from 12:30 to 5:00.

I tend to drive these first couple of days. Lay the foundation and groundwork of understanding and then start to see what our group grows into. My main effort in these initial days is to offer the space to connect inward with the anatomy and how the body works so that as the postures get more complex, we have a common ground. We start to speak and teach right away so that we become a group voice. And we jump in at the deep end with looking and touching. All of this will become more subtle, more refined and personal as we go. (I hope.)

Opening/Landing Practice (45 minutes)
Heart Opener on 2 Bricks
Windshield Wiper
Pelvis Rocking
Eye of the Needle with Tailbone Play
Ankle Circles

Transition to Sitting.
Sukhasana Sitting, Foreword Fold and Side Bending
(Switch Legs and Repeat Other Side)


Then we Gathered.
Questions and Discussion around the Practice and the Joel Kramer article.
We ended up touching on the play with pain, the play of effort and ease, how to stay centered within in a strong practice, and a few other things.

I dipped my toe in to test the waters of the suggestion that an injury is simply a clue to deeper tight spots. There was enough surprise in the foreheads of the peeps, that I pulled back from this discussion. Maybe it will present itself again, maybe it will not.

Just as I am suggesting that we teach to who shows up, the same applies in the teacher training. What gets brought out of me is about what the questions and readiness is of the group. To force them to try to get something that is too out there is aggressive and attached. So fun.

Stress, Breath and the Vagus Nerve Lecture
This is one of my favorite topics to try to communicate clearly. The lecture is mostly covered here. Starting to understand the physiological effects of the breath on the nervous system is key to understanding how yoga works.

This led us to a discussion of the agony of sitting, the endless to do list, the necessity to practice relaxing. Sutra 1.2, 1.33 and Sutra 1.34 were referenced.

At the end of this discussion, the clock was striking 2:35. So we decided to take a break.

The practice was aimed at starting to get an understanding of the Anatomy of the Inhale and Exhale through obvious movements.

Hip Rotation Understanding
Hamstrings and Hip Rotation Understanding
Baddha Konasana to connect with Tailbone, Hip Rotation and Pelvis Understanding
Malasana with Same Awareness
Uttanasana with Same Awareness


Brick between thighs to understand Hip Rotation Standing and Relationship in Sacrum/Tailbone

Swamp Monster/Hallelujah to connect rotation of shoulders

Anatomy of Inhale and Exhale

Ujayyi Pranayama

1/4 Sun Salutations
1/2 Sun Salutations
S and K both taught.

2 Rounds Easy Lunge Salutes to continue the awareness
2nd Round with Hamstring Play

Look at Each Other's Downdogs
This is always difficult cuz while we are learning how to look and appreciate and not immediately try to fix, there is also the object of developing sensitivity to where there could be more support and or space.

I was grateful that there was enough variety in the Down Dogs to be able to see some difference. It is not uncommon to gather in a training and everyone is bendy and there is nothing fun to see.

Down Dog Assisting
We did not get into "adjusting" here. We simply practiced a few ways to allow relieve the pressure in the shoulders. And to start touching each other. I did not get into all the subtleties of touching. Like I said earlier, we jumped in at the deep end.

Hip Pull
Inner thigh Rotation and Pull
Shin Pull
Sitting Sacrum Lift
Half Handstand Foot Press

We went back to our own mats.

Bridge Pose x 2
Second time with Brick



Homework: Review Nervous System Writings. Read Carol Dweck's, "The Effort Effect."

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