Saturday, June 13, 2009

Teaching Yoga, Summer 2009. Day 3


We gathered from 1:00 to 5:00 today.

We are still making big strokes.  I am throwing a lot out.  Today we started to get closer to the continual contradiction of when alignment information is great and when it gets in the way.

Opened with a partner hip opener @ Wall.
Did this to continue touching each other, communicating feedback and continue the dialogue around external rotation of the hips.  Took 30 minutes.

Freeform for 5 minutes to balance the work.

Gathered.  Discussion: "The Myth of the Pose"

The Practice this afternoon was aimed at playing with some basic alignment information to start to tune into the body more effectively and from the same language.

Widening the Base. See the Online Yoga Video.
Simultaneous Opposites. See the Online Yoga Video.
Tuning the Navel to the Spine.  See the Online Yoga Video

Roll up to Standing

Strapped and Blocked Tadasana.  With Shoulder Opening and Utkatasana.  See the Online Yoga Video.
Tadasana san Equipment with Shoulder Opening and Utkatasana.

Sequence 1
Sun to Lunge

Repeat Sequence 1 Other Side


Sequence 2
Sun to Lunge
Blue Print Side Angle
Side Triangle 
Warrior 2 Dance with Heal Lift
Warrior 2
3 Legged Dog

Repeat Sequence 2 Other Side

Sphinx x 2
Windshield Wiper
Rocket Cat
All Fours

Easy Side Plank Both Sides
Child's Pose

Side Plank Both Sides

Compassion of Christ Stretch.  See Online Yoga Video.
Locust 3
Rocket Cat

Roll up to Standing


Looking and Discussing
We looked at Warrior 2
Because we are an intimate group, it is easy to reference how someone's posture looks based on what we already know about their natural tendencies. So W is more constricted in the hips than J and so the Warrior 2s look very different.  We looked at common and potentially uncomfortable and dangerous alignments.  We spoke about how the language we use to set someone up in it, determines how it will look.

We looked at Triangle.
We were able to look at see how different bodies need different refinements to find a more balanced posture.  The swoopy body vs the more stable body.

Savasana Adjustments
(Mini Thai Yoga Play)
It was 3:49 by this time.

We took a break at 4:07, reconvening at 4:32.

Discussion: "How to Break Down a Posture"
Looking at Upward Bow Pose, we spoke about the areas that need to be opened and or strengthened to allow for success and created a list of postures that might do that.

Assigned Sequence Homework and Reading "The Process of Asana"

Uschi played the Harmonioum and lead us in OMs.

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