Monday, December 22, 2008

1:1 Monday

We just went with L said at each moment.
So as we started to twist she remarked on her mid back twinging, so we did sacrum and belly work to establish the roots.  As we were forward folding she remarked that she was confused by her shoulders so we came to standing to work that...etc...  This allowed the session to be really interactive and fun.

Heart Opener with Bricks
Created the impression of the back of the heart with block heart opener.
Used that in sitting sequence to get the sense of lifting up and out.

Sukhasana Side Bending and Spinal Twisting
Sacrum Work to understand twisting from the Root

Janu Sirsasana with Heart Lift Both Sides
Janu Sirsasana Twisting from Sacrum Both Sides and Both Directions

Baddha Konasana

Box Pose with Lifting  Both Sides

Transition to Standing
Foot Opening on Wooden Block

The Lebowski
Shoulder Rotation Work
Ujayyi Pranayama

Chanting A - U - M to lengthen the breath
Chanting AUM
This turned out to be exhausting for her and we sat back down.
I was really encouraged by the effect of this.
Seemed cool that it would be too much.
I think it was the conscious exploration and use of the small postural muscles along the spine.
She remarked on feeling the "V" of the breath but that she was cooked.

We lay back down and rested.
Bridge Pose x 2
Lying Down Hand to Big Toe Sequence with Twist

Pranayama with emphasis on moment at the end of the exhale


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