Thursday, December 11, 2008

Winter Teaching Yoga Session: Day 1

This is our first December Teacher Training ever.  We will be ending the day before the solstice.  The moon is full now, so we will be gathering daily on the waning moon.  And we are an intimate group.  All of this will make for a deep and amazing opportunity.  As preparation I went on my usual hike this morning and saw Marty Weiner to help me open and relax.

We were scheduled to be 3, but a woman showed up unexpectedly tonight.  I had wondered who I was making the extra manual for.  

The first evening gathering is the landing.  It allows us to get through the introductions and a few formalities so that we can start "for real" tomorrow.  We met from 7 to 9pm.

Yin Yoga Practice, 1 hour
Childs Pose
Spinal Twist
Knees to Chest

Yoga Alliance Talk (Alana)

Hand out the Manuals
"How to Get the Most out of the Training"
"My Goals for the Training"
Assign "Start a Blog" Homework
Assign "Joel Kramer" Reading

Sit and Offer Thanks

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