Thursday, December 18, 2008

Winter Teaching Yoga Session: Day 8

Restorative Bridge Pose on 2 Bolsters
Restorative Paschimottanasna with Bolster
Sukhasana with Side Waist Opening
Chest Press Dandasana

Talked about Designing a Routine and Sequencing
Assigned homework of Sequencing the postures they had already mapped out to achieve a particular pose.  Also assigned establishing counter poses.

Each taught their sun salutation.
This was super fun and it opened up the opportunity for questions and answers.  It might have been smart to have them teach more much earlier in the training.  Cuz the act of teaching starts the questions.  And makes the information being presented relevant.

Yin Style Practice
Used this practice to share chakra info.  Again, this is feeling less useful than doing one of my "talks" during the practice.  Hold over.

Baddha Konasana
Childs Pose
Snail or Forward Fold
Spinal Twist
Short Savasana

Chakra Meditation

4:30 Short Break

4:45 mapping discussion
how to use the chakra info to help understand yourself
physical maladies as threads to pull on
homework: reflect back on a physical malady and map it to a chakra

5:00 circle and close

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