Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Winter Teaching Yoga Session: Day 7

Opening Connective Tissue on Feet with Wooden Block
Attention to Subtle Energies (Nadis and Breath in Nostrils)

Talked about evening's homework and how they went about coming up with the teaching of the asanas. Various levels of difficulty.  We spoke about the inevitable hearing of "my voice" in their head and that it was just a stepping stone.  

Today's practice was designed to understand the components of the "classic" sun salutations A, B and C.  I never teach these salutations anymore, but for some reason I think it's useful to know what the original form is that you are riffing off of.  So we broke the components down.  Looked at how they could be done against a wall for a stiffy, looked at common mischief in the forms and then looked at how to start to adapt and riff off of them.

I shared my tricks and my adaptations.  This section of the TT feels like a hold over from the first TT.  I am not sure why I still feel compelled to teach this stuff since I do not rely on it at all.  Maybe it is the historical nature of the vinyasa practice born out of the ashtanga forms...I am not totally sure.  But for the last several teacher trainings I have questioned the value.

Then peeps taught their postures.  We played with box pose on each other. Unwound with Supta Happy Baby Abdominal to Supta Padangusthasana with a Twist.


Break @ 3:30.
Come together @ 4:00

Discussion around the sun Salutations.
Discussion towards Lunge Salutes and Creating a Pattern.
This flushed out some good questions and sharing.

We finished with a Pranayama Practice designed in Sutra 1.34 with more attention held on the holding out of the breath at the bottom of the exhale.


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