Monday, December 8, 2008

Sweet Vinyasa 8:30am Monday

19 Peeps

Studio was toasty.  So good to have the heater working again.  I had been dreaming about galvasana.  So opened with supine hip openers and abdominals with idea of working those as arm balances...but the "idea" was not a total match with the crowd.  We worked towards Sleepy One Legged Crow Pose.  The pace and structure of today was totally different than where we have been which is probably good.  And a "goal pose" is always fun.  Talk was light and was on patience.

Yin Baddha Konasana
Roll back onto backs 

Hip Belly Sequence
Eye of Needle Play with extending and drawing in lever leg 
Half Happy Baby with Leg Extension and Reaching for the Sky
Rock the Baby with Leg Extension Play
Half Happy Baby
Release and Rest

Repeat Other Side

Full Happy Baby
Baddha Konasana Toes to Forehead
Bk with heals into groin
Happy Baby
Rock n roll to Sitting

Sukhasana forward Fold (both sides)

Transition to All Fours
Cat Dog Barrel Rolls
Childs Pose

Easy Side Plank Sequence
Childs Pose

1/2 Dog
Rounded Back
All Fours

Sequence 1
Slow Lunge
Crescent Moon

Repeat Sequence 1 other Side

Vinaysa 1
Rounded Plank
Roll through rounded plank to Cobra
Rocket Cat

Step Forward Uttanasana
Roll up to Standing

Palm Prana Ping Pong
Ujayyi Pranayama


Standing Sequence
Sun to Lunge (slowly)
Twisting Lunge
Warrior 2 Dance
3 Legged Dog
Lazy Eka Pada Bakasana Prep 
(Knee around Leg several times)

Vinaysa 2
Roll into Updog
Roll into Downdog

Toe Torture pose and Watch

Demonstrate Lazy One Legged Crow

Play towards it on One Side
Gather Feedback and play with addressing it
Some Peacock Prep in Wrists

Try Again on that side and Rest

Repeat Vinaysa 2

Repeat Standing Sequence Other Side from Dog
(this derailed the pattern a bit, but oh well)

Repeat Lazy Eka Pada Bakasana Play on other Side

Some good feedback
- tim suggested easier to come into it from shorter dog
- eric said it was easier to bring elbow just above hip then guts
- alot of peeps have trouble with the engineering of tipping forward to allow back leg to come up...a lot of effort to lift it up which does not work...i have to work on this from that perspective and see if i can understand why

Kooky peacock play with hands wide and legs lifted and bent

Revolving Head to Knee Pose
Upward Facing Upavishta Konasana
Baddha Konasana
Upward Facing Upavishta Konasana with Rolling
Baddha Konasana

(for a moment i thought we might play towards that classic halasana/forward fold sequence from Iynegar days...but felt too complex on top of an already complex sequence)

Transition onto Backs
Windshield Wiper

Bridge or Wheel
Viparitta Karni
Easy Plow
Easy Karnipindasana

Roll out
Fish variation
Lying Spinal Twist (Optional)

we have 10 minutes for savasana!  so sweet.


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