Sunday, December 28, 2008

SWg Sunday 10:00am

13 Peeps

Request for hips and shoulders.  We moved towards Headstand Preps.

Supine with low back sacrum awareness and breath awareness.

Hip Rotation Understanding Sequence with Hamstring Stretching.

Baddha Konasana Tailbone and Hip Rotation Awareness.


Shoulder Shrugs
The Lebowski
Rotation Awareness
Strap Work

Transition to Wall

Wall Sequence
Right Angle
Roll up to Standing

Ujayyi Pranayama

Repeat Wall Sequence with more attention to the breath
Repeat with Breath Attention and Hip Rotation Attention

Wall Dog Play x 2

Shoulder Opener/Strengthener with and w/o Brick

Standing Sirsasana 1
3 Block Method @ Wall

Childs Pose

Supported Bridge with Brick
Happy Baby
Easy Spinal Twist


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