Saturday, December 13, 2008

Winter Teaching Yoga Session: Day 3

We met from 1 to 5 today.
I am so grateful for the teacher training.  The container of the gathering as we move into the "holiday season" is just what I needed.  It is grounding and opening for me.

Partner Hip Openers at Wall to start to get used to touching each other and working with another person. (45 minutes)

Myth of the Posture, the Process of Asana, Photo vs. Video

Continued the geeking out on the rotation of the hips and the relationship with the tailbone.  Hoping to create a solid internal map so that peeps can really speak from what they feel.  This will also help ground the practice as we get more into the subtle play.

Ujayyi Pranayama
1/4 Salutes
1/2 Salute
M and L both taught 2 rounds of salutes.

Block between thighs in Tadasana.  "The Effort of Neutral"
A few 1/2 salutations to create more memory.

Wall Work
Splat to establish the relationship between pelvis and tailbone
Right Angle Pose
Roll up to standing

Play with Right Angle pose to feel the simultaneous internal and external hip rotation.
Play with breath in back and front of body to start to map the anatomy of the breath with the postures.

Down dog @ Wall Play

1/2 Dog Assistance
Down Dog Assistance

Sphinx with low back and breath awareness
Locust Play

Abdominals to release low back
Spinal Twisting with Hip Rotation

Savasana with 2 Bolsters and blanket under legs

Break @ 3:55
Regrouped at 4:30

Began discussion of how to look at a pose.
Asking what needs to be opened, strengthened, etc to help it be achievable. And what poses would satisfy those needs.
Used upward Facing Bow pose as the example.

Assigned homework of looking at 3 poses and writing out the body parts and possible poses to accomplish the task.  Also homework of looking at the anatomy picture.

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