Saturday, June 28, 2008

Patricia Sullivan Day 2: Pranayama Practice

We began with Pranayama at 7am.
This was out of my routine and so I was not really present.
Most mornings at 7am, I am waking up and making coffee and on the computer.

First we created some breathing room and space.
Then she had calm our minds with palms on forehead and over the eyes.
Then we did brahmari. We set up with a blanket under our spines and our heads falling just off the blanket to create an opening in the throat.
Incredibly cool and absorbing. We plugged our ears and made a buzzing sound. It was wild how loud it was inside, but it was also cool to hear the other bees in the room.

Then we made a little more space.
Kept the blanket under our spines and put a bolster under our heads to create a little throat lock.
I have no idea what the next technique was. I went away immediately. Deep inner journey. Could not focus on her suggestions or even pretend to care.

Maybe Alana will blog about it cuz she was in heaven.

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