Saturday, June 21, 2008

teaching Yoga Day 9

Again, this group is so amazing.
I came with the loose plan of talking about where to go from here.
And the plan to play with an arm balancing practice.
I was not sure of the actual postures we would end up getting to.  My main aim was to break the arm balances down to show how to approach them from other directions.  It think it was effective.  Used Locusts and Shoulder Openers as Rest.

The Practice
Childs pose (notice how it is bakasana without arms)
Dog Pose
Lunge on Both Sides

Float Forward Uttanasana
Roll up Tadasana

Standing Side Plank Pose
Lunge Salute Pattern with Twisting Lunge to taste first Side Plank Pose with Locust
(Look at Modifications.  I showed the sole of foot vs edge of foot option).
Transition back to Standing

Tree Pose as Set up for Side Plank Pose 2
Lunge Salute to Check it in.
Transition Back to Standing

Showed the 3rd One
Stuck in Trikonasna and Side Angle Pose in Lunge Salute to help Prepare.
This Pose brought up a lot of questions.
We took it to the Wall and played with it standing.
(Sarah and Casey have the same hips and we could have geeked out on this more, but let it go and continued).
Played with it again or rested.

Criss Cross Shoulder Release

Set up for bakasana with rounded Plank
Only took straight bakasana once.
Could have spent more time here.
Rolled back and checked it in Supine.
Rolled up and all the way to Tadasasana

Check in Standing Sirsasana 2

Lunge Salute Pattern with Pyramid and Twisting Triangle with Bow n Arrow Arms and Fallen Warrior to set up for Scissors Pose.

Supine Play with Sirsasana 2 and Bakasana
Play with Sirsasana 2 and Bakasana

Compassion of Christ Shoulder Stretch

Checked in a pigeon as Prep

Galvasana Play to Half Lord of the Fishes and Eka Pada Koundinyasana Play
Both Sides (although i think i forgot the second side...?? doah)

I think this happened cuz there was some frustration with the required hip flexibility and so I showed sleepy eka pada bakasana and eka pada bakasana.

Prep for Flying Lizard
1/2 Box with Twist Sequence

Flying Lizard

Time was up and Peeps were done.
I was sorry to not get to Scorpion as that is a goal pose for 2 of the guys.
But gave them homework showing how the Sirsasana 2 becomes the gateway for all the arm balances.  

Prayer to the Back of the Heart Shoulder Opener.

Abdominal and Twisting Play checking in Galvasana Supine.  Hand to Big Toe Pose b (again Side Plank Pose c supine), Twisting Bound Hand to Big Toe Pose.  Both Sides.

Long Savasana

Mini Break
and Graduation

I am so in love with everyone in the training, and today unexpectedly i felt shy about showing it. I just could have sat with each of them for hours.  But sometimes I allow the space time continuum to trip me up.

I hope that this is a beginning for this group and not an end.  Each one of them needs to be teaching and I will do whatever I can to be of service to that end.

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